Does night running have a good effect on weight loss

Night running is a sport that many fitness people are doing. Many people say that the weight loss effect of night running is very good. However, some people doubt the weight loss effect of night running and think it is not the case. So do you think the effect of night running to lose weight […]

What are the common misunderstandings of fitness meal

Eating is very important when we are exercising. So many people will cook or order fitness meals by themselves. However, in the eyes of the public, there are great misunderstandings about fitness meals, such as eating a little every day and all boiled vegetables. Do you know what are the common misunderstandings of fitness meals? […]

What are the movements of the foam shaft for abdominal muscles?

Foam shaft is a very common stretching tool for many people. It has no other function. But in fact, the foam shaft can also be used to do some other actions. We can use the foam shaft to exercise some muscles. Abdominal muscle is a popular muscle exercise in recent years. So what do you […]

Olive oil

Olive oil per 100g899.00 kcal 0.00g 99.90g One gquantity of heat carbohydrate Fat proteinDetailed introductionOlive oil, a woody vegetable oil, is directly cold pressed from fresh olive fruit. It retains natural nutrients without heating and chemical treatment. Olive oil is considered to be the most suitable oil for human nutrition among the oils found so […]