Can shoulder training improve round shoulders

Can shoulder training improve round shoulders
Shoulder training can play an auxiliary role, pull back the bad shoulder and back, and make the body look better and more energetic. Some fitness actions can effectively improve the bad posture of the shoulder, improve the temperament and alleviate the discomfort of the shoulder and neck.
What are the actions to improve the round shoulder

  1. Bird king style
    A. Mountain standing. Bend the left knee, wrap the right leg around the left knee and put it on the left thigh. Pay attention to put the rear of the right thigh on the front of the left thigh, and put the right foot behind the left calf, so that the tibia of the right foot is close to the left calf, and the toes of the right foot hook the inner upper part of the left ankle. Wrap the right leg completely around the left leg to maintain body balance.
    B. Bend your left elbow upward, your upper arm is flush with your chest, and your forearm is perpendicular to the ground.
    C. Turn the right elbow around the lower part of the left elbow, and then close the palm with the left hand upward, so that the left elbow is placed in the front of the right upper arm, close to the elbow joint, and the left arm is completely wrapped around the right arm. Hold this pose for 15 to 20 seconds and breathe deeply and long.
    D. Relax your arms and legs and return to mountain standing. Change the right leg to stand, wrap the left leg around the right leg and the right arm around the left arm. Repeat this pose and keep the same time. Relax your arms and legs and return to mountain pose.
  2. Single leg wheel
    A. Basic standing posture, inhale, arms hanging naturally to the side of the body.
    B. Exhale, lean back, bend your spine back one by one, your arms back, your palms on the ground, and your fingertips point in the direction of your heels.
    C. Lift your left leg up and stretch it as straight as possible. Hold for a few seconds, inhale and slowly return to the original position.