Fast fat burning movement of thin arm

The flesh on their arms is a worry for many girls. They feel that they don’t eat anything, and they have fat on their arms. And these fat will make you look very thick. The weight loss of the arm may be caused by long-term lifting of heavy objects or inactivity. So they will look for the movement of fast thin arms. Do you know what fat burning movements of fast thin arms are? Let’s go and have a look!
One arm extension
You need to prepare a pillow and put it on the floor. First press your arm on the pillow. Straighten your legs back without bending, then extend your right arm to the right and lift it up as much as possible. Keep this position for a few seconds, then put down your arms and return to the position where your arms are pressed on the pillow; Then lift the right arm forward, make the arm parallel to the ground, keep the body in a straight line, stay for 20 seconds and then put it down. Change your arms and repeat the first two movements. Pay attention to deep breathing when you relax. This action allows the shoulder muscles and triceps to exercise.
Dumbbell arm exercises
Stand with one dumbbell in each hand and legs shoulder width apart; The arms holding dumbbells are naturally placed on both sides of the body; Then straighten your arms on both sides to make them parallel to the ground, shake your arms up and down, and repeat the action for about 10 minutes. Pay attention to keep your arms straight and don’t bend your elbows.
Similarly, stand with your legs shoulder width apart; Take a dumbbell in each hand and hang it naturally on both sides of the body; Then lift the two arms up together from the front, keep the arms straight, raise them above the head, and then hold them for 15 seconds, then put them down, relax a little, and then repeat the action. Keep doing it for about 10 minutes.
Swivel push ups
Lie prone with both hands facing the floor and keep your back straight in the push up position. Turn your body to the right and one foot is slightly in front. At this time, your thighs are close together. The weight of the whole body is supported by your right arm. Lift your left arm and swing your head in the direction of your left arm. Hold this position for three seconds to return to the starting position, then turn your body to the other side and repeat this action.