Four yoga moves to help you close your stomach

Yoga is a good exercise method. Now yoga is welcomed by the majority of women. The main reason is that yoga can help women lose weight and thin their whole body, and it is more elegant and fashionable in this process. Abdominal fat has always been a problem for many girls. Let’s take a look at four thin belly yoga exercises!
Ship variant
Among the yoga movements, the one that has a relatively good effect on reducing stomach is the boat type. First, let yourself sit on the yoga mat, with your legs flat and your upper body straight, and then tilt your back slightly. When you tilt to an angle where you feel you can’t lie down, put your feet together, and then bend your knees. When your knees are too high to form a 90 degree angle with your upper body, Then straighten your legs. After this posture is put out, stay for about five to ten seconds, then lay your body flat, and then do it again. In this way, the effect of reducing weight and losing weight will be very good for about five to ten minutes.
Thigh wrap
Lie flat with your thighs straight. Raise your left leg at 90 degrees to the ground. Keep your toes tight and your hands flat on both sides of your body. Keep the palm down for 10 to 60 seconds (if you feel uncomfortable in this position, you can bend your right leg and put the soles of your feet flat on the ground. Turn your left leg around the ceiling board with your left foot and rotate your left leg from the root of your thigh at the same time. Inhale when you start this movement. At the end, exhale. When doing this, keep your body tight and still. Don’t swing. After six turns, make another six turns in the opposite direction. The same goes for the other leg.
Flat type
Flat type is also very effective for thin stomach. First prepare a suitable yoga mat of good quality, then lie down on the yoga mat, put your two hands on both sides of your chest, and then touch the ground with your toes, so as to support your whole body with your hands and toes, When doing this action, make sure that all parts of the body remain parallel, form a straight line from head to foot, then hold this position for 15 seconds, put the body down, and then repeat it for 15 seconds, seven to eight times each time.
Twist your waist and turn your legs
This yoga can exercise the lower abdomen. When doing, the shoulders, neck and head on both sides shall not be off the ground. Don’t be too fast to avoid lumbar sprain. Lie on your back with your hands open and flat on both sides, and lift your feet so that your ankles are as high as your knees. Inhale, clamp your feet, exhale, slowly turn your lower body to the right to the floor, and don’t touch your feet and knees. Inhale, return to your original position, exhale, and then turn to the left for 10 times each.