Keep away from kidney disease and eat low salt and fat

The kidney is an important organ of the human body. Its main physiological function is to excrete metabolites through urination and maintain water, electrolyte and acid-base balance.Six behaviors are easy to injure the kidneyMany people think that only the elderly will be approached by kidney disease. However, some young people will also suddenly have edema, […]

Klosterfrau iron supplement

Iron is an indispensable nutrient for human body, but it is also the most easily ignored.The authoritative survey of the World Health Organization shows that one in five adult women will develop iron deficiency anemia. Many people are easily inadvertently faced with the loss of iron, which leads to many problems.Iron is an important substance […]

What to eat before exercise can accelerate fat burning

What can you eat before exercise to accelerate fat burning? Let’s have a look!Foods rich in vitamin CEating foods containing vitamin C before exercise helps to promote metabolism, help speed up the burning of body fat, and thus help to lose weight. Foods rich in vitamin C include: fresh jujube, citrus, orange, red fruit, strawberry, […]

How to arrange the fitness diet plan during lactation

Girls should pay attention to their diet during lactation. If they eat too greasy, they may cause obesity and milk blockage. If they eat too little and light, they may cause poor recovery of their body and make it difficult for future work and study. So today we will introduce a lactation fitness diet plan. […]

Are sandwiches high in calories

Now there are more breakfast varieties on the market, and many people have more choices. Some people think that the traditional Chinese breakfast seems to have high calories, so they choose some foreign breakfast, such as sandwiches. He thinks that sandwiches are bread and lettuce, and the calories are not high. But some people say […]

What to drink can burn fat

Many of the calories stored in our bodies are imported from the mouth. Many people eat and drink high calories. If they want to lose weight, they should eat and drink less. So what do you think you can drink to burn fat?CoffeeDrinking coffee can burn fat, because coffee contains caffeine, which can improve the […]

Do you need protein powder to practice your chest muscles

We’d better supplement a little protein powder when we increase muscle, so as to make up for the protein we need when we grow muscle. Chest muscle exercise is the focus of many men. They like to eat protein powder when exercising their chest musclesHow about practicing pectoral muscle and eating protein powderThere are certain […]

Dinner should be on time, preferably not too late

In modern society, work and life are so busy that many people delay dinner. In fact, it still has an impact on their health. In the course of time, it is easy to cause sleep disturbance. Two, the peak of urine excretion usually occurs in 4~5 hours after meals. After eating *, the urine produced […]

How to distribute the three nutrients in the proportion of fitness diet

Diet during fitness is very important, but what we should understand is that we should follow the scientific method when matching fitness diet, not blindly dieting. Fitness diet should also ensure daily nutritional and caloric needs. So what do you think of the proportion of fitness diet and how to distribute the three nutrients? Now […]