High protein and low fat fitness meal — mushroom spinach pasta

Ingredients: 100g tricolor spiral noodles, 100g mushrooms, 100g spinach, 50g ham slices, half onion, 3 cloves garlic, 100g light cream, 2G salt and 2G white pepper.Practice: Put enough water in the pot to boil, add 5g salt and a few drops of olive oil, put in the tricolor spiral noodles, cook it according to the […]

What are the common misunderstandings of fitness meal

Eating is very important when we are exercising. So many people will cook or order fitness meals by themselves. However, in the eyes of the public, there are great misunderstandings about fitness meals, such as eating a little every day and all boiled vegetables. Do you know what are the common misunderstandings of fitness meals? […]