Dinner should be on time, preferably not too late

In modern society, work and life are so busy that many people delay dinner. In fact, it still has an impact on their health. In the course of time, it is easy to cause sleep disturbance. Two, the peak of urine excretion usually occurs in 4~5 hours after meals. After eating *, the urine produced after meals will be retained in the urinary tract, which can not be discharged in time. The calcium content in urine will increase continuously.
For most friends, it is recommended to have dinner between 5 and 7 p.m. You’d better not eat anything after 8 o’clock. If some friends really need to postpone dinner for work reasons, such as after 8 p.m. or even 9 p.m., is this OK?
In fact, if you always eat dinner at 9 p.m. or other fixed time, you just need to keep the regularity of gastrointestinal eating. For example, eat dinner at 6 ~ 7 p.m. every night. At this time, the body will secrete gastric acid. After the food comes in, it can be mixed and digested. If the meal is changed to 8 ~ 9 p.m., after the intestines and stomach re-establish a time schedule, the digestion process can also be benign.
The intestines and stomach are most afraid of untimely and irregular situations. For example, we usually eat dinner from 6 to 7 p.m., but these days we eat it at 8 or 9 p.m. for various reasons. After two days, we eat it at 5 p.m. in advance, and then it becomes 90 p.m. in a few days. This will cause the stomach to be punctual and chaotic. The gastric juice has been secreted, but there is no food in the stomach, resulting in the direct erosion of gastric mucosa by gastric juice, which is easy to cause gastric ulcer after a long time.
Therefore, it is suggested that everyone eat dinner on time and try not to eat too late.