Keep away from kidney disease and eat low salt and fat

The kidney is an important organ of the human body. Its main physiological function is to excrete metabolites through urination and maintain water, electrolyte and acid-base balance.
Six behaviors are easy to injure the kidney
Many people think that only the elderly will be approached by kidney disease. However, some young people will also suddenly have edema, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Upon examination in the hospital, it is found that they have developed uremia and need replacement treatment or kidney transplantation.
These patients often do not pay attention to the early symptoms of kidney damage, such as slight edema, increased nocturnal urine and more urine foam, and eventually develop into chronic renal failure, leading to tragedy. Therefore, we must pay attention to the initial symptoms of kidney disease, including too much or too little urine, too much and long-lasting urine foam, urine color change, increased nocturnal urine, edema, low back pain, etc.
According to experts, the kidney is an organ that is very afraid of high salt food. If you always eat a lot of high salt food, it will increase the burden of excreting sodium ions and virtually damage the kidney. In addition, many drugs have side effects. If they are not used blindly or irrationally under the guidance of doctors, the kidneys are likely to be damaged and even lead to kidney diseases.
Experts remind that in addition to high salt diet and blind medication, smoking, often holding back urine, drinking too little water, long-term heavy drinking and other behaviors will also lead to kidney function damage. We must pay attention to it in life.
Follow the six rules to avoid kidney disease
Optimistic attitude and good health.
Low salt and fat, reasonable diet.
Exercise scientifically to strengthen your physique.
Combination of medicine and diet, health preservation and kidney protection.
Daily life is regular, protecting kidney and essence.
Regular physical examination and early prevention.