Klosterfrau iron supplement

Iron is an indispensable nutrient for human body, but it is also the most easily ignored.
The authoritative survey of the World Health Organization shows that one in five adult women will develop iron deficiency anemia. Many people are easily inadvertently faced with the loss of iron, which leads to many problems.
Iron is an important substance to maintain life, and it is closely related to heme. Iron deficiency has become a major killer affecting health. If you have the following symptoms, you should pay attention. The iron deficiency problem may have come to the door. If there are three or more of them, then you already belong to the iron deficiency group. It is urgent to supplement iron!

  1. Do you often feel weak, tired and sleepy?
  2. Are the skin, mucous membrane, nails, lips and other colors pale or pale yellow?
  3. Whether the sclera is blue, and whether the hair is dry and easy to fall?
  4. Do you feel palpitation and shortness of breath after a little exercise?
  5. Do you often have dizziness, headache, tinnitus, dizziness and inattention?
  6. Are you sleepy and have poor sleep quality?
  7. Is there anorexia, loss of appetite, anorexia, partial eclipse or even anorexia?
  8. Menstrual period is short, generally less than 3 days, less quantity and light color?
    In addition, if you are prone to mood swings, fear of cold and memory loss, you should also start paying more attention. It may be that your body is telling you that you need iron supplement!
    It is worth noting that not only adult women will encounter the problems caused by iron deficiency, but men also face the problems of iron deficiency. In recent years, the rate of iron deficiency in men has increased greatly.
    In the face of iron deficiency, it can be supplemented by optimizing the dietary structure, such as eating more foods rich in iron and foods containing vitamin C, which can promote iron absorption. In addition, a faster and more efficient way is to choose natural, safe and efficient iron supplement nutritional products to scientifically improve iron supplement.
    At present, the popular iron supplement products on the market are mainly bottled liquid. However, the bottle is not easy to carry and inconvenient to take, so it is impossible to accurately measure the daily needs. Some liquid iron supplement products also need to be improved in taste. The taste is like rust, which is difficult to swallow, and there are black teeth, constipation and so on, which makes many people flinch. How to supplement iron efficiently? Klosterfrau, the leader of the health industry for a hundred years, is a German nun!
    As a German native health industry brand born in 1826, klosterfrau German nun has nearly 200 years of research history in the health industry and has experienced a long time of market test. Now it is popular in more than 40 countries around the world and has grown into a leading enterprise in the health industry. In terms of improving appearance and high-efficiency iron supplement, in order to solve the problems of conventional iron supplement products in the market fed back by consumers, klosterfrau German nuns have invested great energy in research and development, and the professional scientific team has creatively developed nun iron supplement powder with sour and sweet blackcurrant taste! It not only tastes good, but also adds vitamin C and folic acid that can promote iron absorption, making the iron supplement effect more outstanding.