What to eat before exercise can accelerate fat burning

What can you eat before exercise to accelerate fat burning? Let’s have a look!
Foods rich in vitamin C
Eating foods containing vitamin C before exercise helps to promote metabolism, help speed up the burning of body fat, and thus help to lose weight. Foods rich in vitamin C include: fresh jujube, citrus, orange, red fruit, strawberry, kiwi fruit, wild jujube, seabuckthorn; Pepper, tomato, spinach, cauliflower, amaranth, alfalfa, etc.
Low GI carbohydrates
Low GI carbohydrates can help increase the body’s sense of satiety, ensure sufficient energy supply during exercise, and will not grow meat. The body consumes more energy during exercise, and eating carbohydrates before exercise can supplement energy. Carbohydrate rich foods: rice, bread, grapes, noodles, biscuits, chocolate, peach, coffee, porridge and so on.
Warm food
If you want to speed up the metabolism of fat in the body, you can choose to eat warm food an hour before exercise, which can effectively improve the basic metabolic rate of the body. Warm foods include: scallion, garlic, leek, carrot, pepper, pepper, mango, chestnut, red jujube, ginger, litchi, longan, citrus, orange, grape, glutinous rice, walnut, flower tea, oolong tea, beef, shrimp, etc.
Cellulose rich foods
Eating food rich in cellulose before exercise can not only enhance the body’s sense of satiety, but also contain very few calories. Cellulose absorbs fat in the body like a sponge, so it helps the digestive system “work” better. Foods rich in cellulose include celery, apples, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, rape, wheat, potatoes, cauliflower, soybeans and so on.
Green Tea
Drinking green tea before exercise can help speed up fat burning. Green tea contains caffeine, which will unconsciously burn fat in people’s body. Caffeine will speed up people’s heart rate and make people more energetic at the same time.
Sugar free coffee
Drinking sugar free coffee before exercise can help speed up fat burning. Caffeine can improve fat burning rate and is very healthy. It is suggested that friends who lose weight drink a cup of coffee without any seasoning before exercise, which can quickly burn fat.
warm water
Drinking more water can speed up blood circulation and strengthen the metabolic rate of the body. Drinking a cup of 500cc warm water 2 hours before exercise can reduce hunger and replenish water in time. When water enters the intestines and stomach, it will quickly detoxify, relieve constipation for people who lose weight, and achieve a very good body shaping effect.