Does night running have a good effect on weight loss

Night running is a sport that many fitness people are doing. Many people say that the weight loss effect of night running is very good. However, some people doubt the weight loss effect of night running and think it is not the case. So do you think the effect of night running to lose weight is good? When does night run lose weight? Let’s go to the fitness knowledge there and have a look!
Does night running have a good effect on weight loss
Night running to lose weight has a certain effect. Running at night has the effect of losing weight. But know to take the right running style, reach the fat burning heart rate, and the length of running time that consumes the most fat. If you want to lose weight by running at night, you need to reach the length of time for fat energy supply (at least 30-40 minutes) and your best effective fat reducing heart rate (maximum heart rate 60% ~ 70%), so that running at night means losing weight and fat, and you will lose weight successfully with a scientific diet.
When does night run lose weight

  1. One hour after a meal should be selected for night running, because the stomach is full of food after a meal, which vibrates the gastrointestinal tract during exercise, pulling the mesentery connecting the gastrointestinal tract and causing abdominal pain. So light exercise, such as jogging, takes half an hour after dinner. If it’s strenuous exercise, such as playing basketball, it’s best after an hour.
  2. Night running should be before 10 p.m., because it is a rest time after 10 p.m., and all organs of the body need to rest. This time is not suitable for exercise.
  3. The best time for night running can be 9 p.m. in daily life, people eat at 7-8 p.m. and rest for an hour, about 9 p.m.
  4. Night running generally chooses to run for 30 minutes, then rest for 30 minutes, and finally choose to go home to sleep.
    The correct way to lose weight by night running
  5. The main process of running is jogging, with no panting as the slow rhythm.
  6. Note that the running rhythm should be slow – Fast – slow. First warm up with fast walking, then start to speed up step by step, and finally slow down slowly, and quickly walk for a distance.
  7. Try to keep the running time at more than 30 minutes, preferably between 45-60 minutes, because it is very effective for fat burning and won’t make you feel very tired.
  8. When running, keep your head straight ahead and your shoulders relaxed, always parallel to the ground.
  9. The back is naturally straight and the chest is straight, so as to avoid affecting the running efficiency by lowering the head and chest.