Why is it so difficult to lose weight?

There are many ways to lose weight in the world, but I believe that only through exercise can you lose weight healthily. Although the training process is very tired, the body shaped by exercise can definitely brighten people’s eyes. Losing weight is very easy for many people, but it is very difficult for some people. After a long time of exercise, the body has not changed, In fact, your sports concept and method are wrong. You must pay attention to the following four points before burning fat.
1、 Don’t go on a diet, but control your diet
The only reason for excessive body fat is that they “eat” too much. Many people choose to go on a diet in order to quickly reduce their weight in the short term. In fact, dieting not only affects the body’s intake of nutrients, thus affecting health, but also reduces basic metabolism for a long time. Dieting will lose weight in the short term, but after a long time, the body has adapted to this food intake, it will not lose weight, and even make it more difficult to lose weight.
With the increase of exercise, you will feel hungry, but please don’t overeat. Control your diet, balance your daily nutritional needs, ensure the intake of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and other nutrients, and avoid the intake of junk food, high calorie, high sugar and high oil food.
2、 Weight is not the key, what matters is body fat
“Weight” has always been a standard for many people to measure fat and thin, but in fact, the culprit that really affects body shape and health is fat, so brushing off excess fat in the body is the key. Because the weight of muscle is much greater than that of fat, with the increase of exercise, the weight of muscle will increase, and the fat in the body will decrease. At this time, the weight may remain unchanged, or even rise a little, but in fact, the body shape is slowly changing. Stop looking at the scale. The body fat scale is the key.
3、 The method of “aerobic exercise” and “strength training” burns fat faster
Many people know that “aerobic training” is a required course for fat burning, but in fact, “strength training” can not be ignored. It is muscles that really shape the body and make the body more three-dimensional, and this can be met only through strength training. Moreover, with the increase of muscle quantity in the body, the basic metabolism will continue to improve, which will be more beneficial for long-term fat burning.
It is better to burn fat by doing strength training first and then aerobic exercise, because doing strength training first will consume part of the calories in the body, including the daily diet. Then doing aerobic exercise is the real decomposition of fat to provide energy for the body.
4、 Try more new fat burning actions
Fitness itself is a boring thing. Try more new actions, keep fresh, persist for a longer time, and have a new stimulation to the muscles. Here are 21 kinds of unarmed training methods brought by Jordan Yeoh, which can quickly improve the heart rate in a short time and have excellent fat burning effect. At the same time, you can practice anytime and anywhere without the help of any equipment.