Four yoga moves to help you close your stomach

Yoga is a good exercise method. Now yoga is welcomed by the majority of women. The main reason is that yoga can help women lose weight and thin their whole body, and it is more elegant and fashionable in this process. Abdominal fat has always been a problem for many girls. Let’s take a look […]

Are sandwiches high in calories

Now there are more breakfast varieties on the market, and many people have more choices. Some people think that the traditional Chinese breakfast seems to have high calories, so they choose some foreign breakfast, such as sandwiches. He thinks that sandwiches are bread and lettuce, and the calories are not high. But some people say […]

Japanese experts recommend: four hour efficient sleep method

Sleep is as important to people as breathing. People can persist for 20 days without eating and 7 days without drinking water. If people don’t sleep, they can only persist for 5 days at most, and they will lose their body.How to have a good sleep can not be ignored for our health. I believe […]

High protein and low fat fitness meal — mushroom spinach pasta

Ingredients: 100g tricolor spiral noodles, 100g mushrooms, 100g spinach, 50g ham slices, half onion, 3 cloves garlic, 100g light cream, 2G salt and 2G white pepper.Practice: Put enough water in the pot to boil, add 5g salt and a few drops of olive oil, put in the tricolor spiral noodles, cook it according to the […]

What is method of knee joint rehabilitation training

Quadriceps femoris contraction trainingContracting the quadriceps femoris in front of the thigh will press the knee down to the bed for 5-10 seconds and repeat 10 times in 2 minutes. After resting for 1 minute, repeat the above actions until you feel the muscle fatigue in front of your thigh. How to do rehabilitation training […]

What to drink can burn fat

Many of the calories stored in our bodies are imported from the mouth. Many people eat and drink high calories. If they want to lose weight, they should eat and drink less. So what do you think you can drink to burn fat?CoffeeDrinking coffee can burn fat, because coffee contains caffeine, which can improve the […]

Do you need protein powder to practice your chest muscles

We’d better supplement a little protein powder when we increase muscle, so as to make up for the protein we need when we grow muscle. Chest muscle exercise is the focus of many men. They like to eat protein powder when exercising their chest musclesHow about practicing pectoral muscle and eating protein powderThere are certain […]

How to self treat anxiety disorder

How to self treat anxiety disorder? The word “anxiety disorder” used to be a strange word for people. However, with the increase of people’s life pressure, the number of people with anxiety disorder is also increasing year by year. Therefore, the diagnosis of anxiety disorder has become a matter of common concern. In fact, anxiety […]

Dinner should be on time, preferably not too late

In modern society, work and life are so busy that many people delay dinner. In fact, it still has an impact on their health. In the course of time, it is easy to cause sleep disturbance. Two, the peak of urine excretion usually occurs in 4~5 hours after meals. After eating *, the urine produced […]